"Beachside Stories" rehearsals

Rehearsals are going well and although I still can't sing a note, I am having fun putting it out there!

There's something quite lovely about honest, simple story telling - it's something that everyone can connect with and draw something from. THAT's what I'm taking from this role - I'm really feeling a need to honour Tony and celebrate his life through sharing his story in a way that respects him and lets people see his humility and sense of value. He's a good guy and I want to do him justice.

I should also say that it's a lot of fun working with Sarah and finding the lovely intimate moments that are hidden in a duologue. It's a simple text, that leaves a lot of room for us to explore and add colour and texture. I'm very grateful for the chance to flesh it out is a way that makes sense to us both.

#BeachsideStories #GasworksArtPark #MelbourneWritersTheatre

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