Moss Speak - "Inner Imagery"

Larry Moss' "The Intent to Live" has some really interesting writing on inner imagery.

Well worth reading.

The internal life of the character. It's what adds colour and texture to the words on the page. Internal pictures that play through your mind as you speak.

Moss is big on the images being sensorially real - you need to have them so clear in your mind that they just come forth as you are working through the piece. You shouldn't need to recall them - use the rehearsal process to find a place for them in your words.

"Let me try to imagine the experience vividly so that can feel it."

"You don't do an acting exercise to call up inner imagery, you play the intention to achieve your objective."

"The truth is already there in you. Doing your homework with inner imagery will give you the conviction of truth with everything you're saying."

#LarryMoss #InnerLife

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