“Cosi” (Doug)

Damian’s (StageMilk) feedback from my Doug monologue.

Technical stuff

Eliminate these distractions from my acting. Get these technical things sorted so they don’t take the audience’s attention.

White shirt, white background = floating head. Don’t do it.

Microphone was poor. I knew this already. I used the internal microphone in the camera. Bad move. I’ll use the Roland R-05.

Camera kept shifting out of focus as I moved around my mark. I was using the Nikon D3400 on auto-focus. I’ll try it on manual focus next time.

Good lighting. I used the natural light with the sun coming through from 45 degrees to the side.

Acting stuff

Bold choices. 100% commitment. “I fucking loved it”. Self permission – to make big choices, willing to play & be brash.

The progression of the character was interesting, from comic at the beginning though to scary at the end. The transition made the character engaging.

Damian laughed out loud at the quick transition from the exuberant “gigantic hard-on” to the more intense “the cops got me”. Change in mood, intention and physicality was marked and engaging.

Ready for…

Find variation and balance in the piece.

Find the right pitch for the performance. The volume was too loud in the 2nd half. Vocal level was consistently too high. Look for light and shade.

Find the vocal presence through variation – quiet moments. Not many are needed – just a couple to break it up.

What else? What else can the character be? What other choices can I make so the character is not “the same” in the 2nd half?

Show the audience something else about the character. Surprise the audience. Show them something that they didn’t expect.

Subtlety. Stillness. Quiet. Child-like.

Once we think we know the character, show us something new. Find an opposite choice and work out how to drop it in. Find the ease in making the choices.


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