Beachside Stories (2019)

Tony Manago

Tony Manago | “The Singing Butcher”, written by Adele Shelley

Director: Elizabeth Walley. Melbourne Writers’ Theatre.

Electronic City (2017)

Electronic City

Ensemble | “Electronic City”, written by Falk Richter

Director: Kat Henry. NIDA Studio

Electronic City

Twelve (2016)


Juror 8 | “Twelve Angry Men”, written by Reginald Rose, adapted by Peta Hanrahan

Director: Andrea Swifte. Verve Studio

The Weekend (2016)

Stephen Febble | “The Weekend”, written by Michael Palin

Director: Michael Bond. Essendon Theatre Company

The Weekend

Mouthful of Moments (2015)

Richard III

“Richard III”, written by William Shakespeare – opening monologue

“Rosencrantz and Gilderstein Are Dead”, written by Tom Stoppard – “Questions” scene

Mouthful of Moments

As You Like It (2015)

As You Like It

Charles, Corin | “As You Like It”, written by William Shakespeare, adapted by Julian Beckedahl

Director: Julian Beckedahl. ARDEN Productions. Performed at the Melbourne Fringe Festival, 2015.

As You Like It

The Bacchae (2015)

The Bacchae

Cadmus | “The Bacchae”, written by Euripides, adapted by Sam Browne

Director: Sam Browne. Moreland Theatre Company.

The Bacchae