Short Films

Credit Card (2019)

Charity Worker | Writer, Director: Lachlan Strada

Nervous Twitch Town (2019)

Norbert | Writer, Director: Amy Johnston

Road.Dogs (2018)

Detective Scott | Writer, Director: Ez Eldin Deng

The Color Of The Sun (2018)

Harry (CO-LEAD) | Writer, Director: Alexander Bruce

Foil (2015)

Father| Director: Raphael Perez

Limited Time Only (2015)

Peter | Director: Marcus Doherty

Narrators (2015)

Mike (LEAD) | Director: Damian Harris. Elfenshot Films

Skate Boys (2015)

Referee| Director: Lachlan Strada. Strada Photography

All That Remains (2014)

Newsreader| Director: Stanley Azarcon

Diffraction (2014)

Will Stewart| Director: Damian Harris. Elfenshot Films

Double Negative (2014)

Doctor| Director: Brendan Parr

Friendzone (2014)

Father | Director: Krystal Waters

Not Punk Rock, Not Hip Hop (2014)

Punk| Director: James Ruse

Obsolete (2014)

Collins| Director: Jay Perry

Rock And Or Roll (2014)

Father| Director: Lachlan Strada. Strada Photography

Straight Cut (2014)

University Lecturer| Director: Brendan Lugg

Stolen (2014)

Pharmacist| Director: Charlie Richardson

The Divorce (2014)

Counsellor| Director: Clifford Wood

Wondrous (2014)

Villager| Director: Rachel Ivell

Dominica (2013)

Richard III| Director: Helen Mihajlovic

Little Red (2013)

Father| Director: Mathew Stathakis

Our Little Darling (2013)

Uncle| Director: Harry Anderson

Renew (2013)

Jack Callaghan| Director: Madelaine Cantwell

Surprise (2013)

Neighbor| Director: James Ruse

The Customer Is Always Wrong (2013)

Herman| Director: Simon Parks

Trapped (2013)

Ian| Director: Linda Bagu Batson