And On It Goes. Small Steps.

I finished my NIDA Actors Studio year today and am letting it wash over me.

This year has changed me. The most wonderful, glorious, challenging, frustrating, frightening, liberating, incendiary, breath-taking, transformational time in my creative universe.

The brilliant Peta Hanrahan told me at the start of the year that if I was still standing at the end, I would be a different human being and she’s absolutely right. Who is that guy staring back at me? I don’t recognise him.
He can see inside me.

Big dreams.
Small steps.

NIDA homies

Work hard. Do the work. Work some more.
Mamet. Find the truth. Know nothing.
Stanislavski. Chubbuck. Moss. Given circumstances. Script analysis. Dissect. Line by line. Word by word.
Vowels. Consonants. Grammar. Beats. Actions. Objectives. Super-objectives. Intentions. Obstacles.
Lawler. “Summer of the Seventeenth Doll”. Roo.
Gow. “Away”. Jo. Best scene partner of my life.
Shakespeare. Sigh…
“Macbeth”. Amen. Kaz. We smashed it.
“Julius Caesar”. Marc Antony. Dogs of War.
“Henry V” Now entertain conjecture of a time
Shepard. “True West”. Michael Argus. Scott. Bromance. Intensity. Broke through and killed it on the day.
Strasburg. Animals.
Meisner. Imagination
Chekhov. Centres. Impulses.
Malthouse Theatre. Showcase. Falk Richter. “Electronic City”. Kat Henry. Coolest Director ever. Scott. Seb. Jo. Kaz. Angus. Tess. Brett. Kayla. My homies. Huge huge love.
Berry. Voice.
Bogart and Landau. Viewpoints. Movement. Space. Tempo. Shapes. Architecture. Awareness.
Laban. 4 brothers.
“The Libertine”. Rochester. You will not like me.
“When Harry Met Sally”. I know. I feel terrible. Jo again.
“Love My Way”. You look great. You do. Kayla

Did I miss anything? Surely. An ocean full of things. Let it sink down into my bones for a little longer and then bubble up in my words and actions and movement and thoughts and wanderings. The truth will come out. Truth. At the heart of everything is the truth. Let it out.

What’s next?
Just keep moving. Small steps.

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