Mamet Speak “Invent nothing…”

Mamet speak.

“Invent nothing, deny nothing, speak up, stand up, stay out of school.”

Invent nothing. Don’t fake it. Be who you are. Be you. You. Don’t pretend to be someone else.

Deny nothing. Don’t hold back. Be truthful. Be honest. Give everything. Give yourself.

Speak up. Use your voice. Speak with intent. Be bold. Say the lines.

Stand up. Be bold. Courage is in the doing. The standing and speaking.

Stay out of school. Don’t mask the interchange with the audience by applying academic techniques. Connect with the audience through instinct and the lines. That’s where you learn.

The actor’s challenge is “not to recapitulate, to pretend to the difficulties of the written character; it is to open the mouth, stand straight, and say the words bravely – adding nothing, denying nothing, and without the intent to manipulate anyone: himself, his fellows, the audience. ”

“To learn to do that is to learn how to act.”

“The actor, in learning to be true and simple, in learning to speak to the point despite being frightened, and with no certainty of being understood, creates his own character; he forges character in himself. Onstage.”

David Mamet

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