Larry Moss and Given Circumstances

I read a fantastic excerpt from Larry Moss’ “An Intent to Live”, where he talked about Given Circumstances, using Chekhov’s Treplyev (”The Seagull”) as an example.

Moss writes with so much intensity and conviction – he’s a pleasure to read.

One of the young kids in my acting class presented a Treplyev monologue this term – it was really interesting to play his performance back with Moss’ words fresh in my mind.

My classmate brought a young, brash innocence to his monologue – he worked hard over the term and put a really heartfelt, personal interpretation on stage. I really feel pleased for him, particularly as I think back on the given circumstances work that we did as an ensemble.

Moss’ writing gave me cause to sit back and reflect on both the work we’ve done so far as a group and the level of emotional intensity that we need to bring to our characters.

Larry Moss

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