How Do You Arrive?

At the start of this week’s class, Danielle asked us to spend 10 mins thinking about how we felt when we arrived. What was our state of mind? How aware were we of what was happening with our breathing? Our instruments?

Here’s what I wrote.

How do you arrive? Are you ahead of time, behind or on time? I’ve been trying to arrive 30 mins early, certainly no later than 10 mins early, so that I have time to settle, stretch a bit, take some breaths and get into the right headspace.

Do you experience your arrival in your body? Or in your head? Yes, in my body. This is a trained technique that I’ve been working on this year, just relaxing and letting my body receive whatever comes from the space. It’s different each day.

Was you arrival evident in your hands, feet, back, face? In the form of sensations, or did you not contact your body? Yes, definitely tingling sensations – energy flowing, muscles activated and posture upright.

Where did you experience these sensations? My back, neck, hands and legs.

What form did they take? Prickling, tickling, heat, cool etc? Tingling and warm, radiating energy.

What was your breath doing? Steady, deep, rhythmic. This has become another learned technique that I’ve been concentrating on this year.

Is the breath deep or shallow? Deep and controlled. This is something that I’ve worked on and improved with practice at NIDA.

Can you sense the tempo underneath all this? Yes yes yes! That’s been one of my big lessons this year, to tap into the rhythm and tempo of my body.

Ask yourself if you ever notice at any time in the day what your body is doing for any reason other than if you are experiencing pain or discomfort? No, I get caught up in the craziness of the day and step away from my body. I should do better but I lack awareness while I’m in the zone at work.

How is your concentration in relationship to the tasks being asked of you? Good. This is a trained behaviour, something that I’m really proud of.

How vivid is your imagination in relationship to the tasks being asked of you? Not vivid => controlled and constrained. I’d definitely like to be more vivid.

What is your mental state when you arrive in class? Are you excited, fearful, at ease, playful? Excited, at ease and ready. I have a quiet confidence in what I am able to do now.

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